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2010 Code Straight Run

Anahiem, Ca

Prefab Tee Stair


Precast Concrete Treads and Risers

Chatworth, Ca

Replacement Stair

Van Nuys, Ca

44" Precast Concrete Stair Towers with Concrete Risers

Roseville, Ca

Stacked 180 degree Stairs with Steel Riser

San Diego, Ca

Multi Family Stair

Redwood City, Ca

Stair Towers located Bret Harte Hotel

Grass Valley, Ca installed 1984

Open Riser Mono Rail Stair

San Francisco,Ca

USMC Training Center

Camp Penelton,CA

48" Concrete Stair

Super 8 Motel, Indio,Ca

36” Stairs with Steel Risers

San Jose, Ca

48" Single Stringer Stair


36" Industrial

Santa Barbara, Ca

Straight Run Stair

Reno, Nv






Hoss Lee's Steel Stairways has commercial experience ranging from multi-family apartments and retail stores to office buildings.

 We can provide commercial stairs and railing systems designed to meet your specific building needs.

We are renowned for our ability to work with architects, general contractors, and owners in designing and expediting stair systems to meet their needs.


Hoss Lee's Steel Stairways



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